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So you want to make money online, huh?  Well there’s a virtual sea of information awaiting you, if this is a direction you wish to head.  I suggest to you from experience, there’s a serious learning curve ahead of you.  There are so many different ways to make money online, that it can literally confuse you and drive you crazy!

Best advice is to get with someone (or system), which has been proven to be a success.  Whether you’re just getting started or have already been earning money online, there’s no sense in “reinventing the wheel” (so to speak), just look for the right elements that will help you to make money online.


In my opinion, the easiest way to make money online with very little (if any) money out of pocket is through using Google’s AdSense.  Why?  One thing is, you can set up an AdSense account with Google at no cost to you.  Second is, you can also take advantage of Google’s Blogger, which is also free.  Put the two together by placing Google Ads on your Blog and you have created a way to make money online.  It’s a fairly simple process but will take some time in learning how to set it up.  I’d say on a scale of 1 to 10 for difficulty (with 10 being the toughest), it’s about a 3 for a person with general computer skills.  Of course everyone varies with how well they comprehend a set of instructions but I believe using Google Ads along with Blogger to be the simplest to create for no money out of pocket.


Truthfully speaking (or writing), you won’t see a great deal of money just by throwing a Blog online and serving ads.  You will need to put some thought into the actual copy that you are writing about on your Blog.  The ads you receive from Google will be related to your Blogging subject and how you write about the information you choose to share with everyone.  Quality content will tend to get you better quality ads (better paying but no guarantee) and in turn may cause your Blog to rise in search engine popularity.  Optimizing your Blog for search engine friendliness is a plus and will increase your chances to make money online easier.


My experience has been to “keep it simple”.  In order to make money online, if you begin to write or ramble on about matters using unrelated information to your subject, you can anticipate getting “generic” ads and/or service ads that don’t pay.  So refrain from doing no nonsense type blogging.  By keeping your sentences to the point and using keyword popular wording (takes a bit of research), you will get more favorable ads.


You will then want to list your blogging domain with the search engines, don’t wait for them to find you.  The easiest one to register with in my opinion is MSN.  Go there and type in your blogs name.


Example, if your blog is about Laser Engraving and your blog is named Laser Engraving (key point here), then type in the letters “laser engraving” in the MSN search bar along with the remaining part of your URL “”.  If this is your first visit and first blog creationFree Reprint Articles, it won’t be found and you will then be given the opportunity to submit the URL address yourself.  Do it and you should see your blog listed within a day or two (at least that’s been my experience) and you will want to continue to ad to your blog or a regular basis that fits your schedule.

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