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There are many tips on how to make money online and some of them require you to invest some money in domains, websites, advertising and other areas. However, some ways to make money online do not need you to invest any money.

This article will talk about three of the most popular ways.

1. Ghostwriting For Busy Internet Marketers

Online marketing is growing at a rapid pace, and many internet marketers cannot keep their websites popular and readers happy with content while they tend to all the other areas of the business. Therefore, many of them end up outsourcing the task of writing to ghostwriters.

To become a ghostwriter, you need to be able to research topics and write about them. You should have good grammar as well, although often though a good grammar checker will be able to help you smooth out any wrinkles in your writing.

There are websites where you can sell your articles at your own price, like constant content. But there are also websites where you can offer your services to people looking to hire writers or buy content. Elance, Odesk, and iWriter are the most popular places to write for people actively looking for content. None of these places require you to pay any money to sign up with them.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the act of selling someone else’s products and making a commission when you do. You can become an affiliate marketer for almost anything on the internet, including digital products like eBooks and physical products like collectables. This is probably one of the most popular ways taught on how to make money online.

Signing up to affiliate programs is usually free. However, if anyone requires you to sign up to promote their products, then avoiding them would be a good idea. You shouldn’t have to pay to promote someone else’s products and make them money.

To promote products hat you want to become an affiliate for, you can create a free website on a platform like blogger. There, you can write compelling reviews about your products and include your affiliate links (special links that indicate you are the one who referred the buyer) inside your reviews.

While blogging is the best route to becoming a successful affiliate marketer, you don’t have to blog. You could make videos and put them on YouTube with links to your affiliate products below. You can go into forums and provide valuable information with links to the products that you are promoting as an afterthought.

You can also recommend products on social networks to people who may be interested, as long as you don’t continuously spam the social networks with your links. Finding a balance between promoting your products and actively participating is the social aspect is key to gaining people’s trust and selling products to interested buyers.

3. Offer Your Services on Fiverr

There is a great website called Fiverr where you can offer your services in a gig for $5 (you earn $4 after they take a commission). You can also add on extra features to the service that costs more money beyond that $5. Fiverr is completely free to sign up with.

The great thing about Fiverr is that you can offer any kind of service possible. If you know how to speak well, then you can offer to review products and websites. If you can sing, then you can offer to sing happy birthday to someone. If you can dance like a monkey, then you can offer to do that. The only limit to your services is your imagination.

In addition, you can do as many gigs as you want. The only limit is the amount of time you have in a day. And people are very willing to spend $5 for a service that provides them entertainment or value, so the chances of making a lot of money off of your talents is good.

In the end, when it comes to how to make money online without spending money, the above three ways are very popular. Ghostwriting, affiliate marketing, and providing services on Fiverr can make you good money if you have the time, driveFree Articles, and talent.

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